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Charlotte Observer, 1913

USGS Report, 1922


During our investiagations we have encountered a number of web sites and other publications which misquoted some of the original references. We have thus posted some of the orginal works on these pages for all to be able to read and use.


The Charlotte Observer story appeared in 1913 and is one of the oldest stories in print.

The U.S. Geological Survey report from 1922 is an often quoted reference and describes the first extensive scientific investigation (although there was an earlier study by the USGS). It is reproduced here in its entirety, maintaining a page-by-page reproduction of the appearance and content of the orginal document.


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While the original text are either uncopyrighted governement material, material whose copyright has expired, or material used here with permission, the content of these pages are Copyright D.B. Caton, and are not to be reproduced or copied without permission. Other web sites, however, may link directly to these pages without requesting permission.

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